Wale questions the appointment of Djokovic into DBSI interim board

The Aoke/Langalanga MP, Matthew Wale
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LEADER of Opposition Matthew Wale has questioned the government over the decision to appoint the Chief of Staff, Robson Djokovic as a member of the interim board that was established to oversee the transitional activities of the revitalised Development Bank of Solomon Islands (DBSI).

The appointment was brought to the attention of the Opposition Leader after it was published in the local media and confirmed by government officials.

While welcoming the government’s seriousness in reviving DBSI as an important financial institution for our people, the Opposition Leader stressed that DBSI is a bank and so will be heavily regulated by banking laws.

“In this respect therefore, it is important people who are appointed to manage its affairs are qualified in the area of banking.

“For all we know, Mr Djokovic is the nephew of the Prime Minister and he has been implicated in a lot of controversial issues raised in the past, which also link the Prime Minister.

“More so, he has no demonstrated qualifications in banking or any related areas for that matter,” the Opposition Leader adds.

The leader goes on to say, it therefore makes one wonder whether he has been appointed only because of his connections to the Prime Minister.

“If this is so, then it does not reflect well on the Prime Minister and the government’s efforts,” the Opposition Leader further stated.

The Opposition leader goes on to say, although the interim board is only temporary, it is in the public interest that it starts off on a good footing.

He then reiterated that in order for this revitalised institute to work, although it is only an interim board, it must be independent from political influences and the right people are appointed.