Wale questions removal of signboard at Taiwan farm

Leader of Opposition Hon. Matthew Wale has expressed concerns over move taken by the government to take down a sign board belonging to the former Taiwanese Technical Mission at the King George Farm, an act he described to be ill and uncalled for.

Hon. Wale states that the Opposition understands after the controversial switch in diplomatic ties, discussions were held, and an understanding was reached, for a transitional period.

“Within that transition period, there will be a gradual scale down and closer of the mission office, which is expected to lapse at the end of this month,” the Opposition Leader explained.

He points out that this is absurd and disrespectful considering the goodness shown by the Taiwanese Government and her people, to the status of our students who were affected by the decision to switch ties.

The Opposition Leader goes on to add that, “despite the manner in which the Solomon Islands government dealt with the switch, the government of the Republic of China took the initiative to meet whatever costs that would allow our students to continue their studies up to the end of this academic year”.

“The action taken by the Government according to information received, was made following requests and direction from Beijing in what the Opposition leader referred to as China first not Solomon Islands first,” the Opposition Leader further added.

He said it is unfortunate that this government through direct influence by China, chose to show insensitivity to a former friend and long-time ally.

He further points out that this is a bad reflection on the government’s part who boasts so much about its policy, stressing a “Friends to All, and Enemies to none”.

The Opposition Leader is calling on the Prime Minister to explain what he reiterated as a disrespectful act, and why it was such a bigger deal.

“You have got to be kidding, that is only a sign board. What’s the big deal, or unless if there is something already on the table for China regarding this property?”

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