Wale: dialogue is the way forward

OPPOSITION leader Mathew Wale says recent dialogue between the national government and Malaita’s MARA Government is the right way forward.

He was responding to a statement the Government issued, Tuesday.

“That Government is taking the lead to solve internal issues through dialogue is both the right and responsible thing to do,” Wale said in a statement.

“It is the correct step towards achieving national unity,” he added.

However, Wale expressed concern that the move by Government to accept China’s training offer in the name of national security is counterintuitive to achieving unity.

Wale insists that ‘national security is dependent on internal unity.

“Government’s decision to accept training from China while knowing that the whole China-switch issue is still an ongoing internal issue threatening this nation’s unity is neither sensitive nor responsible’.

“If further training is needed, it should be sought through our existing bilateral security arrangements with regional partners such as Australia and New Zealand who may already be offering similar assistance.”

Wale says that this matter is not whether China is incapable of training our police.

“Rather it is about ensuring that the dialogue between the Government and Mara is given every opportunity to succeed.

“At this intersection between security and unity, this is what that the country needs,” Wale concludes.

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