Wai-hau protects Leatherback nesting grounds



Beach erosion is one of the threat to leather back turtle nesting sites…Photo credit Wai-Hau

TEAM from Wai-hau conservation Inc has recently completed a Leatherback turtle scoping trip to Su’u Mapo area in South Malaita.

The trip was to protect Leatherbacks in areas in the province reported to have been identified as their nested sites.

As a leading local conservation organisation in the southern region of Malaita province on protection of Leatherbacks, they met with the people on how they should work together to protect the species.

A meeting was held with the chief, head of Walalole tribe and landowners of Roapu community on the importance of Leatherback turtle.

The meeting was to organise landowners towards participation in the global efforts to protect of Leatherback turtles.

Wai-hau reported that Su’u Mapo was one of the unknown Leatherbacks nesting sites in Malaita – now identified and will work along with.

Whilst Wai-Hau continues to protect the species from one part of the Island, it was also incumbent that other unknown sites around Malaita known for leather back nestings must be supported.

This is because of the reason that the species are migratory and many sites they can use for nesting.

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