Voters urged to check names on provisional lists

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By Gary Hatigeva

WITH less than a week away, eligible voters that have registered in the recent nationwide registration programme of the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission (SIEC) have been urged to check for their names when the Commission starts putting up its provisional lists.

The Commission according to officials, is currently finalising all data processing, and will start with its roll out programme on the publication of the provisional list as of Monday next week.

Electoral Commission Officials yesterday confirmed that the lists will be available in all 50 constituencies, and according to schedule, will be pinned up for three weeks.

Speaking to the media on this, Chief Electoral Officer Mose Saitala explained that this is the period for all registered voters to do their inspections, for the omissions and objections phase.

He said the lists will be displayed at the constituency level for around two weeks, with the first week for inspection and then followed by the filing up of omissions and objections forms in the second week.

Registered Voters are however urged to use this period as it is the only avenue provided under the act for them to explore and exercise their rights to do a legal check and balance on the names of people by thoroughly checking through the lists and submit their inputs during this period.

“They should check them thoroughly if their names are there, or if they registered but their names are not there. And they should also check the other names in the list and file their objections,” Mr Saitala explained.

On the question of where to check for your names, voters are reminded to go to where they were registered during the registration period and inspect the provisional list in the voter registration centres.

Meanwhile, SIEC officials said things would be much clearer by today, in terms of the work the data processing team is doing as they finalise the lists.

They reiterated and assured that the commission is still working towards ensuring that they get the list out for public viewing on October 29 as was scheduled.

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