Voters call for Wale to visit constituency



CONCERNED voters of the Aoke-Langalanga constituency in Malaita province, are calling on their member of parliament (MP) to visit them.

Speaking on their behalf, a Mr Jay Walelifu said their MP, Mr Matthew Wale, has not visited the constituency for more than three years.

“Your term in office almost over and your plans and visions for the constituency is not known to us where no visitations and meetings concerning the constituency’s development budget and plans.

“As far as I am concerned only the constituency development officer (CDO) sometimes visited the constituency but not our MP.

“We call on our MP to clarify to us the projects that he has promised to us agriculture farmers in Aoke Langalanga that is still yet to be carried out and implemented.

“We call on the MP to come down in the constituency and hold talks with his voters and the people of Aoke Langalanga about the future of the constituency.

“I believe for four years there are no visits made by the MP.

“We acknowledge Mathew Wale for a fine job through implementing fishery projects and housing schemes within the constituency.”

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