Voter registration staff told to ‘stick to rules’

By Mike Puia

ONE of the Commissioners of the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission (SIEC), Mrs Taeasi Sanga, has urged Registration Managers (RM) and Registration Officers (RO) to be honest when carrying out the voter registration exercise.

The SIEC has commenced training for RMs and ROs in Honiara on Tuesday.

Speaking at her opening remarks, Sanga said the voter registration process is the most important part of the electoral process.

She said the issue of eligible voters’ names missing in voters list can cause many problems.

She said there are places where voters who did not find their name on the voters list and reacted by burning or damaging ballot boxes or boycott the election process.

Sanga said this usually happen when people found out that their names are not in the voting list.

She said missing of names in voters list only stir anger among people toward the Electoral Commission.

Commissioner Sanga said usually their Commission takes the blame for anything that went wrong with the voters’ registration and list.

She reminded participants attending the training that they now work for the Electoral Commission and the Commission have every trust in them.

Sanga said if RMs and ROs do not carry out their work properly it will backfire on their Commission.

She said the role that RMs and ROs do will be tempting but they must stick to the rules.

“Just be honest, I think that’s the right way of putting this,” Sanga said.

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