Vote counting to start today

Central Honiara registered voters look for their names at Honiara City Council Polling station during the election on 18th November.
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COUNTING for Central Honiara and North East Guadalcanal by elections will start around 10am today at Police Conference room, Rove.

Both constituencies have completed free and fair elections yesterday.

Central Honiara Returning Officer Atu Balakana said there are 36 polling stations and one pre-polling stations.

Balakana said it is likely there will be nine batches to count during the counting process.

He said one batch consists of four polling stations, with the remaining to be fit in any of the batches.

Balakana hopes the counting will take two days, finishing off tomorrow.

Police will guard the counting venue with only officials with Electoral passes are allowed to enter.

It is still not known how many voters have casted their ballot.

In the 2019 National General Election, there were 15,986 registered voters in Central Honiara but only 11,966 casted their votes.

Returning Officer for North East Guadalcanal, Luke Cheka said counting is highly likely to complete today because there are only 19 polling stations.

He said there will be 5 batches of 4 polling stations to count.

While there are 5,168 registered voters in North East Guadalcanal, only 4,761 casted their votes in last year’s election.

The South Choiseul by election is scheduled for early next year.