Vonsa house of chiefs holds forum in Vella



THE Vonsa House of Chiefs held its first-ever forum at Vonunu Village in South Vella la Vella Island, Western Province.

The meeting convened chiefs and members from Uzamba to Muria, and leaders from the ward 7.

The forum is purposely to revive, discuss and re-enforce Vella la Vella cultural custom and activities and to draft a booklet for Vella la Vella Custom.

The opening ceremony was witnessed by Western province Premier Wayne Maepioh, MPA for ward 7 Christian Mesepitu, and other officials of the provincial government.

Mr Mesepitu welcomed Premier Maepioh and his delegates and thanked the various chiefs in attendance.

Mr Maepioh in his keynote address said that “culture is the lifeblood of a vibrant society, expressed in the many ways we tell our stories, celebrate, remember the past, entertain ourselves and imagine the future.

“Our creative expressions helps define who we are and help us see the World through the eyes of others.

“I believe people of Vella la Vella especially VOSA House of Chiefs participate in Culture in many was as audiences, professionals, amatures, volunteers and donors recognize the importance of culture believes.

“Culture provides important social and economic benefits and improves leaning and health, increased tolerance and opportunities to come together with others and culture enhances our quality of life and increases overall we-being for both individual and communities.

“Participating in culture can benefit individuals in many different ways, some of which are deeply personal and they are a source of delight and wonder and can provide emotionally, intellectually moving, experiences, whether pleasurable or unsettling that encourage celebration or contemplation of culture as mean of expressing.”

Maepioh said the outcomes of the forum will benefit the people of Vella la Vella Island, Western province and country as a whole.

Chairman of Vonsa House of Chiefs Frank Ozapitu thanked Premier Maepioh for gracing the gathering with his presence and extended his welcome to the various leaders who attended the programme.

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