Villagers told COVID, riot affect economy

The Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources and Member of the National Parliament for Central Makira, Nestor Ghiro has told the people of Manita in west Bauro how COVID-19 and the Honiara riots have badly affected nation’s economy.

He said Covid-19, with its three strains, has seriously affected the world economy.

This has had an impact on donor support to Solomon Islands.

He said because of that, the national government decided to come up with a Re-direction Policy to ensure the economy stays afloat.

But he said while the Government was still working on its Re-direction Policy development programs, out of the blue, the Honiara riots emerged, halting the progress and destroying China Town, as well as other commercial and industrial areas in the capital.

Ghiro said the Government’s economic assessment of the Honiara riots so far has put the cost to about $500 million, adding assessment is continuing.

He said as a result, the Government has requested the ministries, constituencies and the Provincial Governments to help the government by understanding the situation “our country has found itself in”.

Ghiro said while the national government will try to secure finances to continue to run the country, implementation of national projects will be slow.

He said what this means for Makira projects is the provincial projects remain Government commitments. – By George Atkin in Kirakira

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