Victims want answers and compensation


VICTIMS of the 2001-2002 patrol boat shoot-out incident have voiced their concerns over their ‘unresolved matter’.

Through the complaints made by the current Provincial Member for Vatukulau Ward in the southern region of Guadalcanal, it is now clear that the open-fire carried out by the state-owned boat has really posed questions that need answers.

According to the accounts presented by Mr Rollen Seleso, he was amongst the people at Veramogho village during the shoot-out that left most of them confused and traumatised.

“The patrol boat was shooting discriminately at us and it was a sad day indeed as people scurry for shelter behind rocks and undergrowth.”

Seleso argues that if the government is paying former combatants $3million and other unverified amount, on behalf of his people he’s demanding that the government should also pay what is rightfully due to victims of the 2001/02 patrol boat shoot-out.

“If perpetrators are benefitting directly from state money then I don’t see any legitimate reason for the victims to be left out of similar reparation from the government.”

The two main questions now is; who authorised the patrol boat trip to the southern region of GP and will there be any reparation given to the victims for the ordeal that they faced in the fatal 2001/2002 incident?

Meanwhile according to the SOLOVISU reconciliation programme initiated by the Ministry of National Unity, Reconciliation and Peace (MNURP), all actions taken by the police during that particular period of political unrest have already been resolved through a custom ceremony and therefore any claims recently made are baseless.

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