Victims, non-victims & lands ministry

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DEAR EDITOR, I am concerned over the ongoing issue between us the April Valley victims, the non-victims and the Ministry of lands.

As far as I know, everyone knows, ministry of lands and the government knows, the April Valley Land Area was given by the government specifically to the April 2015 Flooding Victims who lost their loved ones, properties and all their financial means for survival.

When the land was secured and allocated to them, there is no such arrangement or agreement or any other documents whatsoever stating that the land was also to be meant for other interested non victims for whatever purpose, not at all, unless the victims themselves consented to.

The issue here is whether or not the Ministry of lands also had another dealing with somebody to the said piece of land or they did not knew that the land was given specifically for the victims that’s why whenever, there is dispute regarding the said land, they never act or response indicating that the intruder is wrong or even act at all when we consult them.

Consequently, the dispute resulted in a small argument where I was arrested and taken to the police station as if I was a criminal or am fighting on the wrong side.

As a leader of my April valley victims I will stand for our rights. Upon my arrest, I was then released without any charge at all, so what does that mean? Doesn’t that speaks the truth for itself? Or am I wrong? Are they wrong? If not or not sure, who is wrong here then, who is wrong or right doesn’t matter here, we will still keep pointing fingers, the source of the problem is the feeder root to the problem and that is what am looking for here.

The problem here is all about the land, the said land was given by the government to the April victims through the Ministry of Lands, so isn’t it the Ministry of Lands is where we should start digging up the problem (Root) here?

Therefore, we need the Ministry of lands to come and declare clearly to us that this land belongs to who without any conflict of interest playing in the background. If nothing as such happens, means that the Ministry of lands had a dirty deal or corruption with somebody who is pushing to claim some parts of the said land.

Therefore urged you the Ministry of Lands to solve this issue which now become a problem for us at the moment otherwise it is clear to us that somebody has a special relationship with any authority within the ministry to conceal any monetary or corruption dealings about whatever arrangement with the said lands.

Whether it is true or not but all we want from the ministry is just to come out clear and declare to us who the particular land is allocated to, the victims, non- victims or both? Or the land was meant for what purpose? Who else also have the legal right over the same particular land?

This is because somebody who is not a victim had claimed certain parts of the land beyond what he is rightfully owned and extend into the victims land and whenever we approached him he always resorted to arguments and referring to Ministry of Lands as they are the ones who authorised him.

Along with that, we proposed to build a school for our kids and other catchment communities within the area on the said land, however, when we consult the Education Authority to register the school they refused, instead they authorised the bother person (Non-Victims) to build his private school on the land which is still in dispute with that person. In that regard we assume that there must be a dealing going on between these authorities and the said person.

Concerned citizen

April Valley