Victims of fast money schemes increasing


THE growing number of fast money schemes is leaving a similarly growing trail of hundreds of victims in state of despair and guilt.

The popular Charity fund, World Venture and few other schemes target the average and below-average income earners, who are drawn by the prospect of attaining instant riches.

In recent revelations, some of these fast money schemes were shown to be driven by individuals, some of whom are highly respected citizens of the country.

In an interview with this paper, outspoken leader Mr Samson Faisi said hundreds of people have fallen victim to these schemes and it is time government and regulators step in and address it.

“I wish to call upon the police and Central Bank of Solomon Islands to do something before more people will suffer.

“I suggest the government through responsible regulators to establish a clear law that define such money making schemes illegal,” he said.

Faisi said he came across an incident in early 2017 when a leader of one the schemes, World Venture, recruited new members with SBD1,000 membership fee to buy a bus that would generate revenue and shared among the members.

He told this paper that about 40 members submitted their contributions – and that was the last they heard of it.

Faisi alleged that the money had been misused by the leaders of World Venture and members are still waiting to collect refunds.

He said leaders of the World Venture have gone silent leaving members to question what would become of the scheme.

Faisi said members are calling for the leaders of World Venture to refund their contributions especially in this time of the year where important family commitments like school fees are pressing hard on the family budget and pocket.

He said the incident shows that there is a need to legislate a law that would prohibit and at the same time penalise such schemes in the country.

Faisi also said that the general public must to be aware of such pyramid schemes to avoid spending their hard earn savings on the deceitful schemes.

On the same note, he calls on the leaders of World Venture to explain to the disgruntled members their contributions.

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