Victim in rape case shares story in court

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THE alleged victim in a rape case has told court that she did not report the matter to anyone because she was ashamed and sad at what her biological father (accused) had done to her.

The incident reportedly occurred in 2016 at a school in Isabel province.

She revealed her story when questioned by prosecution in a trial that is currently ongoing at the High Court before Chief Justice Sir Albert Palmer.

This is the case of a man who was accused of raping his daughter in August and September of 2016.

Prosecution said the victim is the daughter of the accused with another woman. The victim, after finding out he was her father, went and resided with him when she was in high school.

The victim said in the first incident; it was during a break period, and she went to her father’s house to have some food, that was when her father asked her to have sex.

“I told him that I don’t want to, but he insisted to have sex with me, and forced me to follow him into his room, and because I was afraid of him, I just follow what he wanted,” the victim said.

The victim said that her father used to assault and talk harshly towards her that is why when he insisted, she followed him.

Prosecution also questioned the victim on whether or not she told anybody about what happened between her and her father; the victim said she did not tell anybody because she was ashamed because if the students in the school heard about such, they will gossip about her.

Regarding the second incident it happened during the night after class-prep, the victim said she came back to the house to eat that is when her father asked her again to have sex.

Meanwhile, defence lawyer Lazarus Waroka questioned the victim; that she did not tell anybody about the incidents happened because she agreed to what her father told her.

But the victim said that she did not tell anybody because she was afraid of her father.

Waroka also told the victim as to why she did not escape or shout for help when her father asked her to have sex, the victim repeated that she was afraid of her father. The trial continues today