Verenaue school seeks funds


VERENAUE Community High School is an education institution to be established within Gao District in Isabel province.

According to the IPYF, on commenting, the Community High School interim committee chairman and Secretary to the people of Huali, Hageulu, Vara, Takutu, Hukamoto, Rasa and Tataba wish to make an appeal for contributions for the school capital.

The committee chairman and Secretary said that while letters will be disseminated to business houses, ministries and stakeholders for contributions, people responsible, (Mr Duddley Uata and Marshel Hiro) will be coming over to Honiara by the end of this month.

Verenaue Community High School was built by elders, chiefs and members of the communities around Glogu area.

The IPYF urges nearby communities to help and support, including community members of Hageulu and Huali who are based in Honiara.

In the meantime, bush clearing for the new school site will take place as of this month and onward.

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