Venders urged to comply with new time rules

The Market Master, HCC Mr Jimmy Hanson Riunga
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HONIARA central market vendors have been urged to comply with the newly introduced regulation on opening and closing times of the main market.

This was raised after some vendors got caught serving consumers through fence rails along the Honiara Central Market bus bay after the early closing time at 6pm.

Honiara Central Market head, Mr Jimmy Hanson Riunga said selling of products after closing time is prohibited for vendors.

He says having both vendors and consumers comply with the new regulations in place will boost the country’s main market status to the outside world in terms of tourist attraction.

“I urged and called on both vendors and consumers to comply with the new introduced early closing hour the Honiara Central Market has in place.

“Let the left unsold products packed properly and put away for another day to earn money in terms of servicing daily consumers rather than disobeying the newly in placed ordinance,” said Mr Riunga.

Moreover, Riunga the market main entrance gate will be opened from 6am which is the normal marketing hours for vendors to set up and ready to serve until the closing time at 6pm – from Monday to Saturday.

Riunga says that having all venders comply with the closing time regulation will give HCC workers time to clean the market and allow market officers to complete their tasks earlier.

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