Veke promises advanced partnership with CITREC


Guadalcanal Premier Anthony Veke.

GUADALCANEL province Premier Anthony Veke has assured the Chairman of the Canadian International Training and Education Corp (CITREC) Mr Ashwant Dwivedi that his government will commit to advancing their partnership.

He expressed this statement yesterday at the commemoration of Guadalcanal and CITREC five years of partnership in Honiara.

Veke uttered the programme has directly touched the heart of the people of Guadalcanal and gives them hope and inspiration.

“Therefore let me today in my capacity as the Premier of Guadalcanal assure you (people of Guadalcanal) and the chairman of CITREC that we will remain committed to advance our partnership to new heights.

“If Canada can offer my people anything it should be employment opportunity and we are job ready and ready to further strengthen Canada’s labor need,” he said.

Veke said, “let Guadalcanal lead the way for the people of Solomon Islands as one family of Solomon Islands, let people and government of Guadalcanal lead to serve.”

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