Vegetable production training for Wainoni women

Vegetable farmers learn soil sterilization
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MEMBERS of the West Wainoni Council of Women in East Makira of Makira Ulawa Province have started undergoing five series of training on vegetable, fruit trees and food crop productions.

The series of training are funded by the Makira Ulawa Province’s Rural Development Program, and are facilitated by the Department of Agriculture.

Women in Agriculture Extension Services Officer, Josephine Harunari and Principal Agriculture Field Officer, Petra Urahora facilitated the first ever training on Vegetable Production and Management for 30 participants from the West Wainoni Council of Women from May 25 to 28.

They told our Kira Kira Correspondent that the participants, both men and women members of the West Wainoni Council of Women were given theoretical training in the mornings and practical training in the afternoons on Vegetable Production and Management.

The Agricultural Officers said the participants expressed happiness with the training as it was the first ever to be held for them.

Participants of vegetable production training

They explained as the training was basically on organic farming, the participants learnt soil sterilization (soil mixing) of ground and manure to improve soil fertility – thus improving vegetable quality and production.

The participants, the two senior Provincial women Agriculture Officers explained had learnt new information on vegetable farming practices and production management methods.

And they believe the participants will improve their vegetable farming so they can be able to sell quality vegetables at markets to earn incomes and improve their livelihoods.

By George Atkin  Kira Kira Correspondent