Vasuni encourages Ngella Forum members to advance on issues


CIP Premier Hon Patrick Vasuni and CIP’s Provincial Secretary, Christian Siale, recently meeting with few members of the Ngella Forum (NGF) Team at Tulaghi. PHOTO BY MANEBONA BARNABAS

CENTRAL Islands Province (CIP) Premier Patrick Vasuni encourages social media’s famous Ngella Forum (NGF) and its members to advance on issues concerning the province.

With recent assistances by the NGF team towards the province such as helping out in the recent maintenance of the new Tulaghi Market Building and also the huge influence leading to the recent petition signed to ban logging and mining on Ngella has built confidence in the Premier and his Executive of the their advances towards serious issues concerning the province.

“There are many issues which Ngella Forum and its members can advance in various social and economic fronts so as to engage in the development of the province,” said Hon Vasuni.

“Your representation is strategic in a sense that it provides oversight to provincial programs and activities.

“NGF’s representation on behalf of the rural populace is a welcoming gesture much appreciated by the provincial government of Central Province.

“This is an independent representation that the province welcomes especially to advance their voices.”

From observation, it is understood that apart from many social media forums, NGF is one that is actively walking the talk for their people being the main aim for a better change to Central Province.

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