Varley refutes police brutality claims in Makira arrest

DEAR EDITOR, I now realise that my article “Acting police boss not telling the truth” in Solomon star issue 6973 on August 2, 2018 has hit the nail at the right spot that was why Police Commissioner responded promptly and defensively to protect the always good image and always good stories about policing in their weekly meet the press releases.

Anything that opposes the always GOODIES about police operation in Solomon Islands is seen by him as bad and threatening.

Police Commissioner must understand and accept that in some of police’s goodies there can be questionable darknesses that must be exposed to put us right again.

Sadly, the Police Commissioner now appears to be non-impartial and has sided with his hooded and armed officers who committed serious atrocities upon and after arresting a suspect who has a known history of mental illness.

Police saw it fit to lie to the nation that the suspect was not harmed – I will uphold my statement true to the day I die because I know I am telling the truth.

Freedom of expression enshrined in our county’s constitution allows me to express myself freely; I always treasure and cherish that, as long as I do not offend.

The claim by Police Commissioner that the suspect resisted arrest as defence is out right false.

At the time of arrest the suspect was fast asleep in his house when your armed hooded policemen broke into his house tearing down the door – how else can he resist when he was awoken by armed hooded policemen on his bed.

The claim by Police Commissioner that the suspect was “treated in accordance with police procedures and with proper custody procedures” was denying him immediate medical attention during remand, mimicking what is ongoing at Nauru Detention Centre.

Foreign countries funding SIPDP and SIPSP that fuels the weekly police meet the press conferences should by now raise eye brows and rethink.

Ambrose Siau

Maniworasi village, West Wainoni,

Makira Ulawa provice

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