Vaccination coverage hits 470k doses administered

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THE country’s vaccination progress has seen about 473,000 doses administered so far.

This was confirmed by Dr. Yogesh Choudhri, technical advisor for the Ministry of Health and Medical Services.

“As of last week we have administered 473,000 doses of the vaccination which include AstraZeneca Sinopharm and Pfizer covid-19 vaccine,” Choudhri said.

He said the total number of AstraZeneca administered is 390,000 doses, Sinopahrm with 62,000 doses, and Pfizer 21,000 doses.

“We are still reconciling the figures of how many Pfizer doses are used for booster,” Choudhri said.

He adds in terms of distribution nationally 2/3 of the population which is 64 percent at least given one dose and 42 percent of the people have been vaccinated with both doses.

Choudhri said vaccination coverage at the provincial level is as follows Isabel province 67 percent with two does, Makira more than half, Rennel and Bellona is 43 percent, Honiara 92 percent this figure also includes other people coming from the provinces, Temotu province covered nearly half of the people with two doses but its lagging behind Guadalcanal and Malaita Province. 

“We again encourage people to come forward and start taking the vaccine if they are yet to get their first jab and those due for the second jab but did not receive it,” he said.