UXO scare


THREE unexploded ordnance (UXO) were reportedly unearthed by an excavator digging at an area in Henderson yesterday.

In a telephone conversation to Island Sun yesterday, owner of the machine said it was in the morning when his boy found the three UXOs.

He said upon sighting the bombs, they called the police to dispatch a team to check and remove the bombs from the site.

“But since I am in the business of digging up area where UXOs are rife, we were already cautioned by the bomb disposal team on what we should do in the event our team come across a bomb,” he person who wants to remain anonymous said.

He said that his boys are well aware of the standard procedures in place and this is not the first occurrence for them.

“What we were advised to do was to cover the bombs and not to tamper with them but to keep them away from exposure to heat or the sun and only allow the bomb disposal team to have access to the bombs. At this stage, no one else will be allowed to come close or to touch the bombs except the bomb disposal team,” he said.

Upon Island Sun’s arrival at the site where the UXO was sighted, the excavator operator was already continuing into his task at hand as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

Reports reaching this paper said the bomb disposal team had already moved in to remove the bombs.

Island Sun has not been able to get verification from the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force Media Unit on these UXO.

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