Utah 1 shipping service questioned over treatment


A man from Isabel province is questioning Utah 1’s shipping service.

Speaking to the paper yesterday, Esau Ije of Hograno Highlands said he and others are not happy about how they were treated by the Managing Director, Selwyn Riumana.

He explained that on August 10 after having freighted four tyres for “Kosi Transport”, a pickup truck of Koge and Siligodu communities in Hograno Highlands, they made their way to Utah 1 but before even loading them onto the vessel, Riumana approached them and told them to return them to the warehouse.

Ije said that the tyres were later loaded on Ortega on August 13.

He stressed that they are very disappointed by this treatment and are questioning the leadership and service Riumana is offering to the people of Isabel province.

Ije strongly voiced that he should put an end to this behavior as it is not right and most importantly, so that others do not have to go through the same experience in the future.

“He should provide good services for the people of Isabel province,” he said.

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