USP new BA programme can be completed in any of its campuses


The newly launched Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Communications and Media programme of the University of the South Pacific (USP) can be completed from any of its campuses across the Pacific region.

This is according to USP’s Senior Lecturer in Applied Linguistics Dr Fiona Willans in a newly developed Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sheet of the programme.

The information had it that the BA Communication & Media is a prescribed programme of 24 courses with with most courses are offered in at least two modes.

“This means you can take advantage of face-to-face opportunities at Laucala, or you can study entirely online, or you can combine the different modes,” it says.

The programme is offered for full-time students and part-time students.

Full-time students can complete the whole programme in three years, taking four courses each semester.

Part-time students should note that each course requires approximately ten hours per week of study. You should therefore only take on more than one course around your work commitments if you have this much time available.

The programme also gets students ‘workplace-ready’ with job application training, a workplace attachment, and a range of digital, communication and research skills built in.

“You can use the specialist subject either to target a communications role in a particular field (e.g. Pacific Heritage and Arts, Marine Science, Inclusive Education, Nutrition …), or to target a range of roles in NGOs or civil society organisations (e.g. Politics, Sociology, Governance …), or to pick up additional skills that look good on your CV (e.g. a new language or useful business skills), or simply to follow your love and study a subject that you’re passionate or inquisitive about, safe in the knowledge that a BA in Communication & Media will open doors to a wide range of jobs,” said Dr Willans.

Applications are now open and new students may join the programme in Semester 2 this year.

Continuing students may switch to this programme and cross-credit any courses they have already completed.

The programme requirements for the BA Communication & Media include UU100 -Communications & Information Literacy, UU114-English for Academic Purposes, JN101 – Introduction to Journalism, JN103-Media Law & Ethics, LN111-Introduction to Language Studies, MG101 Introduction to Management and two courses at 100-level from an approved specialist subject.

In the 200-level or year 2, students will undertake UU200 -Ethics & Governance, UU204-Pacific Worlds, JN201-Print & Online Journalism, LN216-Language Use in the 21st Century Pacific, MG206-Marketing Principles & Strategies plus 1 or 2 of: JN202-Radio Broadcasting, JN203-Television Journalism, LN211-Structure of English plus either 1 or 2 courses at 200-level from the specialist subject.

In the 300-level, students will take JN303-Journalism Production, LN317-Qualitative Analysis of Texts, MG303-International Marketing plus 3 or 4 further courses from: JN301-International Journalism, JN302-Journalism Research, LN311-English in the Pacific, LN315-Corpus Linguistics & Language Technologies and MG301 Management of Service Operation plus either 1 or 2 courses at 300-level from the specialist subject.

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