New USP BA programme target range of communication roles


The newly launched Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Communications and Media programme of the University of the South Pacific (USP) offers students to choose specialist subject that will open doors to a wide range of communication, media and marketing roles.

Students can create a specialist subject out of courses from a wide range of disciplines, in order to pursue an area that is both interesting and of relevance to the student’s future career plan.

This is according to USP’s Senior Lecturer in Applied Linguistics Dr Fiona Willans in a newly developed Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sheet of the programme.

The information had it that if students want to target a communication and media role in a particular field, they could choose 4-6 courses that will help them build up knowledge in this field.

“Your CV will show a desirable qualification in Communication & Media, and you can show that you have chosen to focus your specialist subject in this particular area,” it says.

It stated that possible fields to consider include Environment, Health, Inclusive Education, Marine Science, Nutrition, Pacific Arts and Heritage, Pacific Policing, Social Work and Tourism.

In addition, if students want to target a communication and media role in NGOs or civil society organisations, they could choose 4-6 courses that engage with political and societal issues in general, enabling them to work across a range of fields at a later date.

The possible subjects to consider for this scenario include Governance, Politics and Sociology.

Moreover, if students want to add additional skills and competencies to their CV, rather than specialising in any particular field or sector, they could choose courses that would enable them to learn a new language, or develop skills in business or technology field.

The possible subjects to consider for this scenario include Accounting, Business Information Systems, Chinese, Fijian, French, Hindi and Management.

“If you want to pursue any other passion or favourite subject, safe in the knowledge that the BA Communication & Media is already a desirable qualification…

“You can use your specialist subject to study 4-6 courses in any field of your choosing. This can be a good way to follow your heart and study any discipline in as much depth as you want.

“This will also likely open up new opportunities that you were not aware of when you first enrolled, since you will be taking subjects that you already know you are interested in,” the newly developed FAQ sheet stated.

For job prospects of the new BA programme, the information had it that job advertisements for roles in Communication and/or Media are common.

“Quite often, these advertisements specify the preference for a first degree in Communication, so this programme will give you an advantage. The programme will also make you eligible for many roles in media, digital media, marketing, public relations and communications management.

“The BA in Communication & Media includes job application training, a work placement, and a range of digital, communication and research skills,” it says.

It adds the courses for specialist subject must be approved by one of the programme coordinators during the first semester.

Prospecting students are told that any subsequent changes they wish to make must be approved.  Students must ensure that they meet the pre-requisites for any courses that you choose for your specialist subject.

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