Use wisely “freedom of speech”

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EVERY students have the freedom of speech same as everyone else.

Freedom of speech protects our right to express ideas and beliefs in any manner that we choose.

It protects our ability to protest and meet other people.

However one couldn’t help but notice the current impasse between SINUSA and SINA and read with interest the ongoing row of both parties in the media.

The last straw is the boycott of classes by the students.

One couldn’t help but wonder if the students are paying their own school fees because certainly as a parent I wouldn’t want to see my money go to waste.

Not to mention an overload for the students in an academic term.

How will they cope this academic term when normalcy returns?

True everyone has the right to ‘freedom of speech’ but when it causes substantial disruption and infringes on the rights of other students or school staff, we are creating and encouraging violations of school rules or illegal activities.

Even the RSIPF has declared the public protest or demonstration by the students as illegal.

True the student body might feel that it is their right to voice their concerns and rights but when it interferes with another person’s education, threatens or intimidates another person then something certainly needs to be done.

On the other hand, students should also remember that with rights, there also comes responsibility.

With such protest, there should be some principles or dignity in how it is being carried out.

It is not what is said that is important but how it is being said.

Use the freedom of speech and such rallies wisely and mostly according to our country’s laws.

Let us not run, even before we can walk.