Unity party revived

Former statesmen sons’ newcomers for revival


Group photo of the SIUP former statesmen handing over the policy to documents to Junior Kenilorea

SOLOMON Islands United Party (SIUP) a political party established by the first Prime Minister, Late Sir Peter Kenilorea since the country gained independence in 1978 is set to be revived with the introduction of stronghold new comers of which one of the new comer is his son and namesake.

Former statesmen of SIUP last week officially handed over its manifesto document to the new comers Peter Kenilorea Jnr who is the current Permanent Secretary (PS) for Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Malaita Premier Peter Ramohia and local business owner Adam Bartlett.

The event is organized mainly for the SIUP statesmen to handover the policy document to the three young leaders in preparation for the upcoming National General Election (NGE).

During the gathering, the former SIUP statesmen encouraged and shared experiences on the significance of quality leadership and transformation which Solomon Islands needs for its leaders to invest in.

SIUP Interim Secretary, Mr Abraham Namokari said they revive SIUP at the request of the three new comers to re-group its political powers and to move it forward as it has been there since the country gained independence in 1978.

“Now these three gentlemen Peter Kenilorea Jnr, Premier Peter Romohia and Adam Bartlett are contesting the elections in 2019 and they wanted us to revive this United Party because it is a good party and the best that can re-direct development and serve our people with truth and to take the country forward,” Mr Namokari said.

Handing over the policy document, the SIUP first General Secretary Mr John Maetia explained the manifesto has contained firm belief to lead a government and to serve Solomon Islands people as stated by the country’s national logo, ‘To lead is to serve’.

He challenged the new comers to study the policy document because everything for a quality leadership is written in the manifesto which reflects powerful political will to drive the country forward.

Speaking on behalf of the new members, Mr Kenilorea Jnr thanked the former statesmen for their leadership role in SIUP from independence till now.

He said, now it is time to serve Solomon Islands especially young generation, and if there is a party to lead the country forward, SIUP is the one.

Mr Kenilorea Jnr said they will work in the days ahead to launch the SIUP manifesto.

After launch of the SIUP manifesto, there will be registration before commencement of promotions and campaign activities leading up to the NGE.

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