Unemployment issue

DEAR EDITOR, as a first year law student and a citizen of Solomon Islands, I am concerned about the alarming rate of increased unemployment faced by many young people today.

Unemployment is currently an issue in the Solomon as lack of job opportunities are available to accommodate many youths who are capable of developing our country to the next level.

Today, my heart cries because I’ve seen many young people engaging in social activities such as drugs, alcohol and other activities which no doubt doesn’t contribute at all to the development of the country.

This is really depressing as I know these youths can do better and they can create change for the next generation, instead they’re still lost in this social world.

Providing as much support as possible to our youths is an alternative that I believe will encourage them that their future is not within these social activities, rather, there’s a spirit exist in them trying to make them become better people but they’re just too blind to see it coming.

I urge every young people of Solomon Islands that wherever you are today; if you are on the right road; pursue your dreams and goals, if you are still lost it is never too late to start where you left and slowly creating your destiny because we are the future of Solomon Islands.

Therefore, we don’t have to blame the government for not providing job opportunities for everyone.

If we have the knowledge, understanding and skills to pursue what we’re good at, job opportunities will come running at our doorsteps and when that happens just smile and thank yourself for the effort you’ve put in and most importantly; thank the Lord.


Wendy Rukale

USP Emalus Campus

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