Undersea internet cable requires strong ICT security

Director of Communication Department within the Ministry of Communication and Aviation Mr Alwyn Danitofea.
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THE Director of Communication within the Ministry of Communication and Aviation says the much awaited undersea internet cable requires strong information and communication technology to manage cyber threats.

Mr Alwyn Danitofea explained that the submarine cable will increase the banquet of internet to the country with high risk of cyber-attacks.

“If this submarine internet cable in functioned, it will increase the banquet of internet allowing everyone to use the internet,” he said.

Mr Danitofea said it is time that the government through responsible authorities establishes strong cyber security programme by enhancing physical hardware security in the country.

He explained that research to find eminent cyber threats is very important at the moment to establish proper response to incoming cyber threats.

Mr Danitofea said security is very crucial in Technology as there is threat to security when internet level is improved.

He stressed that the changing technology requires better preparedness to mitigate incoming threats.

“It is important for organisations and businesses to develop strategies to maintain tougher security.

“Strong security sets a strong foundation for government institutions, businesses and also other organisations operate on a safe technology,” Mr Danitofea said.

He encourages internet users especially businesses, government organisations and also other stakeholders to setup cyber security platforms.