Uncertainty over June international flights to Munda

By Mike Puia


THE Ministry of Communications and Aviation (MCA) looks forward to the first international flight landing in Munda in the Western Province this June.

In light of that, there are uncertainties as to whether this will eventuate.

“I don’t think this [international flights to Munda] will happen in June,

“There are a lot of things to sort out, requirements to fulfill before any international flight service Munda,” the Western provincial secretary, Jeffery Wickham, said.

Mr Wickham was asked to offer his view on the Munda international flight given the fact he was a permanent secretary of the MCA.

“To receive an international flight, the airport needs to have all necessary technical requirements,” Wickham said.

He said currently Munda has no proper terminal, fire and communication system.

Wickham said Munda airport has to meet all international civil aviation safety standards and comply with all civil aviation rules.

He said the airport must be certified as well before a plane lands on, things he doubted to have been fulfilled.

Calibrating to the airport is yet to be conducted. This is where distances that are vital to landing and takeoff are recorded. This is done by New Zealand.

Munda airport is the only airport in the country that was upgraded to become an alternative airport to Honiara.

Earlier, the MCA confirmed preparation work for Munda to qualify for international flight has been progressing well.

The Ministry confirmed it will deliver a new fire truck and navigational equipment and other necessary equipment for the Munda terminal before the first flight from Brisbane landed.

There are two fire truck funded by New Zealand government which are expected to arrive next month (May). One of them will be delivered to Munda.

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