Unaccounted for missing ship funds

DEAR EDITOR, I wish to make a comment or two on two items which was reported in your paper.

First was the publication again of the recipients of shipping grant with SBD$27million unaccounted for funds.

Secondly a letter on Sunday by a faithful member of SSEC central church regarding the irate behaviour by some people within their compound during the float parade by a large group along the main Honiara street two Sundays ago. Christians or Hooligans? He asked.

In the first article a number of individuals, businesses and members of parliament names appeared to have received hefty sums from the SI Government to buy boats.

One such name HP Shipping caught my eyes because in some of the previous year’s publications this name also appeared.

If I am correct, a total sum of more than SBD8million has already been received by this group/person.

HP stand for Harry and Philip (Hon Danny Philip) this person (company?) used to operate the unseaworthy MV Francis Gerena which met its fate at the ill-fated trip on December 24, 2013 to North Malaita.

This business was the sponsor of Mr Lawinter Kii’s candidature to run for the Lau and Mbaelea Constituency seat in 2014. One slogan printed on the TShirts for this candidate was ‘Free Faka na Haea’ in the Lau dialect of Malaita.

During 2012 & 2013, the MV Francis Gerena operate shipping services to North Malaita totally free.

All passengers do not pay for boat fares. The first of its kind service in Solomon Islands.

You do not need an expert CID officer to come up with a rationale conclusion that if HP shipping does not buy any boat but use a very unseaworthy boat which was rotting and ready to sink to run its shipping service, then it could be that the money from SIG in the name of shipping paid for all the goods, materials, solar etc and the free boat service they operate to lure voters to Mr Lawinter Kii? If this is true, this is day light robbery!

I like the response by Didao, one of the company’s reported to have received $1million.

They are now calling for an investigation because the owners categorically denied receiving any money.

I think HP Shipping should be investigated together with the others!

The other as mentioned above was the group which led the float parade on Sunday October 8 in Honiara.

I believe after the float and parade, they send a very strong delegation to Israel for a large prayer programme.

The Hon MP for Lau and Mbaelea was also in the trip. I am not sure what benefit will he bring to the constituency from this tour.

I am a driver and I do not like the attitude of these people. The convoy should be arrested for breaking traffic rules and irrational behaviour. No allowim kaen people ia on the street.

Jews are Seventh Day Sabbath keepers. They have some very strict dietary regulations. If the group which went represented the splinter group from SSEC, how are they going to cope in Israel?

EM Fatainao,


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