UN Secretary General pledges UN’s commitment on International Women’s Day


THE United Nation (UN) Secretary General pledges its commitment for zero tolerance of sexual harassment and set out plans to improve reporting and accountability.

The message is shared for member countries under the UN as the globe is preparing for the International Women’s Day set for March 8 which Solomon Islands is also part of the global campaign for women and girls’ rights.

UN Secretary General said, “We are working closely with countries around the world to prevent and address sexual exploitation and abuse by staff in peacekeeping missions, and to support victims.”

“We at the United Nations stand with women around the world as they fight to overcome the injustices they face – whether they are rural women dealing with wage discrimination, urban women organizing for change, women refugees at risk of exploitation and abuse,” Secretary General said.

“Or women who experience intersecting forms of discrimination: widows, indigenous women, women with disabilities and women who do not conform to gender norms,” UN Secretary General said.

The Spotlight initiative launched jointly with the European Union will focus resources on eliminating violence against women and girls, a prerequisite for equality and empowerment.

Let me be clear: this is not a favor to women. Gender equality is a human rights issue, but it is also in all our interests: men and boys, women and girls. Gender inequality and discrimination against women harms us all.

UN Secretary General said with women’s involvement there is ample evidence that investing in women is the most effective way to lift communities, companies, and even countries.

It will create making peace agreements stronger, societies more resilient and economies more vigorous, the UN General said.

Where women face discrimination, we often find practices and beliefs that are detrimental to all.

Transparency and accountability are essential if women are to reach their full potential and lift all of us, in our communities, societies and economies.

I am proud to be part of this movement, and I hope it continues to resonate within the United Nations and around the world.

On March 8, Solomon Islands will join the global community to campaign for women and girls under the theme: Press for Progress.

The major sponsor for this event is Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs.

Solomon Islands’ focus on International Women’s Day will be celebrating women’s successful stories and contribution in wider society followed by press for progress of gender equality and Family Protection Act (FPA).

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