Uluga Primary signs contract with Japan

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JAPAN Embassy in Solomon Islands signed out SBD$695,362.05 for Uluga primary School’s double-storey classroom yesterday.

The grant is under the Japanese aid scheme known as Grassroots and Human Security project.

Yesterday, Japan Ambassador His Excellency Kenichi Kimiya officially signed a contract with officials from the Uluga Primary School in Malaita province.

The support of Japanese government to Uluga School is purposely for two-storey building from grade one to six and two tanks.

Japan Ambassador to SI, HE Kimiya said the aim of the funding is to provide better learning environment for the children of Uluga School.

“I want to emphasise that today is just the beginning day for you to start implementing this project properly, while keeping in your mind that this is a present from the Japanese taxpayers,” HE Kimiya said.

Chairman of the Uluga School Board, Pr Kemuel Mauta said the assistance meets priority areas for developing the school.

“For the last three years we’ve been running the School and have tried our best in promoting its development aspect, and our development action plan from 2017-2020 is to have permanent building,” Mauta said.

Mauta pledges that the school will work to completion, value the facilities, care for it and maintain its precious asset.

Attending the signing ceremony yesterday has convened Staffs of Japanese Embassy and Uluga officials comprises of Chairman for School Board Pr Kemuel Mauta, Head Teacher Mr Mosten Talonia and Landowner Mr James Naga.