Ulawa Island has a new RTC at Lopo

Wharf in Ulawa.
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The people of Ulawa Island of the Makira Ulawa Province now have a new Rural Training Centre at Lopo, East Ulawa.

Reports that have reached our Kira Kira Correspondent say the first intakes include secondary school dropouts and those needing further training on their various walks of life such as electrical, construction, agriculture, furniture and life styles (home economic).

The reports say the people are happy with their new RTC because it means school drop-out youths who had been indulging in undesirable social activities are now taught fields that will enable them to secure jobs or become self-employed in the future.

No other details are available when this report was put together, but Lopo RTC is an additional to the Province’s current RTCs at Pamua, West Bauro, Nawote, Wainoni, Nana, Star Harbor and Boro’oni in Arosi 1, all on the mainland Makira.

By George Atkin  Kira Kira Correspondent