Ugi wharf project cleared

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THE wharf project in Ugi which had previously made headlines after it was disputed, has been given the greenlight to continue.

Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID) Director for Civil Engineering Mr Harry Rini said yesterday that the compensation claim hindering progress in the multi-million government project has been cleared.

He said since the issue sparked earlier this year, the Makira-Ulawa province government had been hard at work, seeking resolutions to the problem.

It had been mediating between the opposing party and the ministry.

He said finally they did as the person demanding compensation from the national government for the land the wharf project will be constructed now compromised with his stand.

Mr Rini said the province recently came up with the conclusion paving way for further procession of the national project.

In the meantime, the director said receiving positive confirmation on the issue it shows people’s positive understanding on government’s development for them.

Rini thanked the Makira Ulawa provincial government and people on Ugi Island for their collective efforts to resolve the issue.

Adding that he was delighted for the people to understand the importance of the project especially as a lead to other development aspects on the island and in the province.

He said with the positive response received on the issue his office will now pursue the evaluation of the tender and other necessary works needed.

Rini said his office will work on those areas and as long as they complete them they will award the contract for construction.

However, the issue is a $SBD3.2m compensation demand for the site proposed for the construction of the wharf in Ugi Island.

The proposed site for the project is a registered land but was given under a “grant of profit” to the person by the Ministry of Lands and Housing upon request to use the land.

In a recent interview with the commissioner of lands, he confirmed the grant of profit was given and valid for the next 10 years.

However, Rini said the successful dialogue made to address is what needed for the project and for the benefit of the people.