Two enter history

RSIPF sends first females on UN peacekeeping deployment

THE Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) is sending not one but two first female officers to serve in a UN Peacekeeping Mission – they are being deployed to Darfur, South Sudan.

They are Sergeant Andrea Kierre and Inspector Agnes Ape.

RSIPF created history two years ago by sending its first contingent to take part in a UN peacekeeping mission. This year it is adding on to history by sending its first female officers. To top it off, the team is being led by one of the two female officers – Inspector Ape.

Sgt Kierre said, “RSIPF has come through a lot. And through the assistance of RAMSI we are now a capable police organisation. I want people to know that RSIPF is capable to perform duties internationally just like other police forces in the region.”

Both female officers were commissioned along with their male colleague officer, Sgt Charles Alisineuli during a parade at the Rove Police Headquarters in Honiara yesterday.

Inspector Ape said, “For me, it is history, a legacy. We the RSIPF have set a standard that women can do what men can do. I want to thank the RSIPF Executive for the strong support and the action done in recognising the duties and roles of women in the Police Force. And I am proud of that.”

Ape, who comes from Makira and Ysabel provinces, and Kierre from Temotu have met all the requirements for the UN peacekeeping missions throughout the world and have been selected.

“I am humble and proud to have come this far to be selected as one of the first Police women from Solomon Islands to be deployed to any UN peace keeping mission” says Kierre.

When asked on what made her to apply for the UN mission, Ape says, “I want to gain a wide experience in a much bigger organisation, such as the UN Peacekeeping Mission and bring it back to the RSIPF.”

Asked what motivates her, she responded: “I really want to get out there to show that I am prepared to do my job, and I believe that I am capable to perform to the level required.”

“We are prepared to go out there and prove ourselves that we are capable to do our job,” says Ape, who will be Solomon Islands Contingent Commander at the UN Peacekeeping Mission in Darfur.

The three officers, will leave Honiara tomorrow and will be deployed for one year, along four other RSIPF officers who left late last year on the same mission.

The RSIPF started deploying officers to the UN Peacekeeping Mission in Darfur in 2016.

With the three officers just commissioned, it brings the total number of RSIPF officers deployed so far on the UN Mission to 12.


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