Turning the tide against littering and environmental pollution

DEAR EDITOR, the problems associated with littering in Honiara are concerns that I have taken notice of for the past 21 years and when I read this week in the Island Sun that the Honiara City Council’s Health Inspector, George Titiulu, was again appealing for the public to take extra care in disposing of their rubbish, I was reminded of King Canute and his bid to push back the waves.

Littering is a serious problem and detracts from the appearance of the nation’s capital and often the comment of returning visitors to their home countries.

I extend my appreciation to the Honiara City Council for the enforcement of the Littering Ordinance and to the many volunteers who aid the Council in helping to clear away litter and plastic waste.

I do hope that the general public will take more pride in keeping the city clean and thereby contribute to a better and safer environment for all to enjoy.

I would also like to take the opportunity of thanking the community in Gizo who celebrated the recent “World Environment, World Ocean and Coral Triangle Day” by organizing a massive clean-up in Gizo town and in surrounding islets.

A lot of cans and plastic was removed from the environment and local business owners offered their vehicles to remove the unwanted rubbish,

Well done to all concerned, volunteers, tourist stakeholders and the provincial government.

Yours sincerely


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