TSL board must explain

“I think it was their strategy to disadvantage other teams” Wa’aria

By Taromane Martin

A frustrated Head Coach for the Real Kakamora Football Club Sam Wa’aria has called on the Telekom Soccer League board to explain Saturday’s incident at the Lawson Tama Stadium.

The incident happened during warm up for their 4pm match on Saturday against Henderson Eels FC where they suffered a humiliating 8-1 harrowing with Clement Baegeni, Bonny Pride and Bently Kelobi amongst the goal scorers for Eels.

Three of their players were asked by the TSL Competitions Manager to leave the field during the teams’ warm up for that match which Coach Wa’aria said was their downfall.

“No one is happy when they lose.

“I’m disappointed likewise for everyone in the team with the game. The score margin was very high but games are sometimes that way but that does not mean we conceded this many goals it is over for us,” he told SunSPORTS.

Eels lead 5-1 at the break and made it worse for Real Kakamora after theywere reduced to 10 men, Baegeni cooking up two yellow cards for defender Jeffery Wasi 78th minutes into the game.

“We cannot reverse the referee’s decision because he always has the upper hands and makes the decisions,” Coach Wa’aria said.

“What we are very disappointed with in preparation for this match was the last minute disqualification of some of our key players by the organisers of the competition during warm up.

“Our preparations were affected because of the actions of the organisers of this tournament which caught us by surprise us by disqualifying some of our players who were the key players for the team.

“The loss today comes as no surprise to us because already we were mentally defeated by the organisers for the tournament before the whistle blew.

“I think this was some sort of strategies by people to disadvantage other teams and it affected us all mentally for the match.

“However we are always prepared and will continue getting ready for our next match despite the sudden actions of the organisers today,” a frustrated Wa’aero said.

Meanwhile Solomon Warriors FC Head Coach Moses Toata also questioned the actions by the league organisers calling on them to explain their actions.

“The TSL is now a joke. Today, three Real Kakamora players were asked to leave the field by the competition manager during warm up and a Real Kakamora player was allowed to go in as the substitute goalkeeper without wearing a proper team uniform.

“This shows a very unprofessional conduct by the TSL League Organisers and this is taking our national league to a level lower than an amateur league.

“The question is, are we moving football forward? Yumi bara osem Village league more yia (We are now like a village league). Come on guys. We need explanation from the TSL Board,” Toata questioned.

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