TSI lauds PM for passage of whistle blowers bill

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TRANSPARENCY Solomon Islands (TSI) congratulated Prime Minister Rick Hounipwela for the passage of the Whistleblowers Protection bill 2016 through the parliamentary processes into an Act.

Parliament passed the Whistleblowers Protection bill 2016 into an Act on Tuesday afternoon.

Transparency Solomon Islands says the passage of the bill is a clear demonstration of Solomon Islands Democratic Coalition for Change Government (SIDCCG) government to roll back corruption in Solomon Islands. “Thank you for listening to the cries of the people of Solomon Islands.”

It is encouraging to note that the new Act was passed with amendments to clauses relating to Interpretation and Protection from Liability and ‘Victimisation’ after a long of deliberation at the Committee of the Whole House and Third Reading.

During the bill’s debate this week, the country’s only two female MPs were quite vocal in supporting it.

They told Parliament that maladministration and misconduct will be reduced when the Whistleblowers policy is passed and enforced.

The Whistleblowers Protection bill 2016 aims to protect people who come forward with information on corruption.