TSI commends parl for passing ACB

TRANSPARENCY Solomon Islands commends the 50 members of Parliament for passing the anti-corruption legislation; especially MPs who – slept through the sessions, those who did not attend or were absent, those who were present only in the morning, those who were present only in the afternoon, those who contributed half-heartedly, those who contributed but show to the public that they have not read the bill nor understand or just could not be bothered, and the excellent contributors who really want to make a difference in the fight against corruption.

This is the people’s bill and it is good to have the Bill passed to become an Act of Parliament.

TSI acknowledges that there can never be a perfect Legislation. Whilst TSI regrets the inclusion of Custom as Defence, Section 6 and the exclusion of Illicit Wealth or Unexplained Wealth, Transparency Solomon Islands accepts and acknowledges that legislation on its own will not roll back corruption. It will need more than the legislation and Transparency Solomon Islands and the people of Solomon Islands are willing and committed to supporting the government in its fight against corruption.

TSI also wishes to re-iterate that MPs are the voices of the people of each constituency, and it is regrettable that when it comes to the fight against corruption, only a minority of the parliamentarians are indeed the voices of their people. The post or position of MP is a public post and one that represents people’s voice in the highest decision-making body of Solomon Islands. It is a position that comes with responsibilities given by the people of Solomon Islands. The onus is therefore on the people of Solomon Islands to monitor their performance and hold them accountable for we will be equally to blame for not performing our constitutionally given responsibilities. Our Constitutions says, “all power in Solomon Islands belongs to its people and is exercised on their behalf by the legislature, the executive and the judiciary established by this Constitution”.

We will be giving our powers again to the position of Member of Parliament come 2019, so pay the National General Election the importance that it must be paid in our democracy. Register to vote and cast your ballot paper to choose who should lead and make decision for our country, it human resources, natural resources and development in the next four years knowing very well that our duty continues after casting of our votes. That duty is to monitor their performance and hold them accountable on their promise or for any misconduct or decision that is not in the best interest for the country, its resources and human resources.

“Thank you, Prime Minister, for bringing this Bill to the parliament and 50 Members of Parliament for passing the bill. Transparency Solomon Islands applauds you.”


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