Town Council ordinance to address false fish scales at Central Market


AN ordinance to ensure that fish sellers at the Central Market are not deceiving customers with false scale readings is in the making.

Honiara City Council Mayor, Mr Andrew Mua, speaking to Island Sun yesterday, said in light of fish sale at the market, there are people who are selling fish using scales that do not provide the correct scale reading thus the real cost of the seafood.

In relation, Mua said that if you weigh fish on different scales, you can see that the price will vary which results in some customers purchasing fish at a far higher price than expected.

He stated that once the ordinance is established and regulated, they will provide scales for fish sellers of Central Market.

“Concerning fish sale at the market, we are currently working on securing a number of scales so that Town Council can provide scales for those selling fish at Central Market,” said Mua.

He emphasised that this should help reduce the practice of using scales with false readings and should anybody be caught still engaged in the ordeal, they will be charged with theft under the ordinance.

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