Tovosia applauds SIWSAP partners



MINSTER for Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification Hon Bradley Tovosia applauds the partners of SIWSAP for addressing water shortage in Solomon Islands.

Government ministries have combined through the Solomon Islands Water Sector Adaptation Project (SIWSAP) to engage rural communities in six pilot provinces, and are taking steps forward to improve the resilience of water resources to impacts of climate change.

The project targets improvement of health, sanitation and quality of life in vulnerable areas.

Tovosia said, “The project has enabled the allies to take holistic water cycle approach, considering people’s daily interactions with water resources, their needs and how these needs can be met under future climate change through adaptation and sustainable water resource management.

“Also the SIWSAP project has enabled them to focus largely on supporting the increased understanding of water resources at all levels in vulnerable areas, planning for people needs in the face of projected climate change impacts.”

He adds, allies through the project have made good progress in terms of protecting and conserving water resources at local levels through diversifying water supplies to reduce over-reliance on one type of water resource.

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