Tourists taken away by Gizo’s beauty

Ms Polline happy with her corn-shell souvenir bought from one of the local carver from Marovo.
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WESTERN Provincial Capital Town was flocked on Sunday with tourists on board the biggest cruise boats from Carnival Australia to the Island Capital in Western Province.

A number Tourists visited World famous Kennedy Island, Saeragi Village, Oravae Cottage, Fat Boys Resort, Sanbis Resort, Epanga Island, Gizo Market, Imagination Island Resort, West Gizo and within Gizo Island.

Island Sun Gizo had a chance to interview tourists as they shared their experiences saying they were excited to visit Gizo Island and surrounding resorts for the first time.

Tourists wander through the market at the MSG building and see all the fresh produce on display and they enjoyed the warm welcome of the people so much along the street.

Tourists enjoying their visit at Gizo.

When tourists walk around, the streets is empty and they surprised at what they see because a number of shop were closed, no public traffic along the road and not majority people seen around street, but only few people included carvers only.

It is a beautiful and enjoyable day for the people as they welcome the cruise ship Pacific Eden to the Island Capital Town after the ship skipped Gizo last month.

Australian tourist Mr Mc Scott said he enjoyed and amazed at how clean and tidy the town was and enjoyed the amazing items on display at the market stalls, especially the wood and stone carvings.

He said the sandy island atoll where we went for a swim and snorkel was a paradise on earth. Western Province people are so lucky to have such natural beauty on their doorstep. The waters so warm and crystal clear, teeming with fish and coral was just so beautiful and paradise on earth.

Ms Polline happy with her corn-shell souvenir bought from one of the local carver from Marovo.

“I love to look at market venders because to our life in Australia where we can go to the local supermarket and get all our food.

“It was the most amazing place I have ever seen, but next time hopefully I will get to spend more time at Gizo discover the surrounding and the World War Two sites and cultural villages,” he added.

“My friends had a great day and we truly appreciated the highlights of Gizo. Lovely Island! The hidden Paradise on earth!”

Scott said he is hoping that one day will visit Gizo and other surrounding Islands to see the beautiful and coloUrful lagoons, reefs and Islands with different culture, believes and identities.

Tour guide distributing maps to visiting tourists.

Tourists have enjoyed the day with no public traffic, Empty Street with no visitors from surrounding Islands in Town as they enjoyed wander through Gizo town and surrounding tourism destination within Gizo.

The mega cruise boat, Pacific Eden which carries 2200 passengers for the eight times grace the shores of Gizo with passengers visited Gizo Island and other venues near Gizo during the ship’s eight hour stopover.

Visiting tourists discovering Gizo Market stalls upon their arrival.
Carvers displaying their stone and wood carving along the road opposite Gizo Hotel.
Tourists on their way to famous Kennedy Island.
Kids enjoying their day in Gizo.
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