Tourists fall in love with Gizo



Mrs Barbra pose for a group photo with locals at Saeragi Village at Urilolo Lodge on Friday

VISITING tourists onboard Crystal Serenity have expressed their admiration for Gizo Island as very beautiful and one of the most peaceful places to visit in the world.

A Ms Barbra from the United States of America (USA) told Island Sun Gizo on Friday that she believes Gizo Island is very beautiful and people are very peaceful and kind.

“I really enjoy my day at Gizo as it is the first time for me to visit Solomon Islands. The environment here is very peaceful and I am amazed.

“While local carvers and the general public are enjoying their day, I just love to visit the small town and other historical sites.

“I am happy to visit Gizo main market with lots of natural vegetables and fruits sold at the market. I am hoping that one day I will visit Gizo again to see the beautiful and colorful lagoons, reefs and many Island with different cultures.”

She said that she really enjoyed the day with lots of entertainment, traditional bamboo bands and she just loved the natural sound of panpine made from bamboo that locals were playing during the arrival of the cruise ship.

Tourists from Greece, Mexico and the USA also shared the same sentiments. They hope to visit Gizo again especially Saeragi Village in West Gizo.

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