Too early to rule out crocodile attack on missing Asian man: Manelusi


SUPERVISING Police Commissioner Gabriel Manelusi says that police investigation into the case of the missing Asian man is continuing and it is too early to rule out that the man was attacked by a crocodile.

Mr Manelusi was speaking during the weekly media conference. He said police investigators are carrying out a full investigation into the incident to determine the truth about the missing man.

He said the missing Asian was employed by Windlex International Solomon Islands Company Limited.

Police say it is not known how the man went missing, but from reports gathered by police the man was last seen on the evening of Sunday May 13 at Lungga River mouth with his two colleagues and went missing after cutting hair at the river mouth.

It was alleged that the incident might involve a crocodile attack but that has to be determined after police investigation.

Manelusi appeals to the public especially around Lungga area or people who may have information to assist police in their investigation.

He said search for the missing man has been conducted when police heard about the incident and acknowledge the workers of the Windlex International Solomon Islands Company and the communities surrounding Lungga for assisting the police in their search.

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