TONG-Ill MOO-DO hosts third grading

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    By Taromane Martin


    THE Tong-Ill Moo-Do martial arts school has successfully hosted their third grading in the country for their 20 faithful practitioners over the weekend.

    The grading was held at the New Hope Kidney Academy hall next to the Rita Eleven building at Bahai on Saturday.

    Tong-Ill Moo-Do President Mr Alick Pinihimae described Tong-Ill Moo-Do as a well organised martial arts which is modernized and blends all the martial arts to form the art itself which is practiced in a systematically way.

    He congratulated and thanked each of the 20 students for their committement adding he hopes to set up their management more properly now that it is a hundred percent locally owned.

    “The art is unique. The name Tong-Ill Moo-Do means unified. It not only teaches kicking and punching but also teaches grappling and ground game,” Mr Pinihimae said.

    “This is the third time to host our grading in the country. Since last year we want to set up more properly.

    “There are no more foreigners in the management that is why we want to set it up more properly so as to promote Tong-Ill Moo-Do in the country.

    “We plan to start our programs on the second week of January 2019. We will be promoting 20 students who have been committed throughout the whole year.

    “This year we will promote two up to blue belts who will be the senior students, others to green belts who will assist the senior students, yellow belts and the new students will be white belts,” he said.