Togamana: study done on effects of vaccines here

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MINISTRY of Health and Medical Services has carried out a study and investigation into side effects of vaccinations administered in the country.

Vaccines studied include AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Sinopharm.

Minister Dr Culwick Togamana confirmed this in response to Member of Parliament for West Are Are, John Maneniaru in Parliament on Monday.

  1. AstraZeneca – 522 reactions, serious – 4 recorded, hospitalisation -4, death-0;
  2. Pfizer – no immune side effects, hospitalisation – 0 and death -0;
  3. Sinopharm – 61 show some reactions to vaccination, serious – 0, hospitalisation– 0 and death-0.

However, Togamana said he was extremely disappointed with no evidence of death.

He said there are malicious misinformation spread in the media and some renowned citizens about vaccination.

“This is extremely sad,” he said.

“All vaccinations are approved by World Health Organisation. There are studies done elsewhere,” he said.

Furthermore, Togamana said 51 percent of 18 years above have completed fully vaccinations of two doses.

“After five to six months, you can take your first booster shot, follows by second booster shot after four months.”

However, Togamana said 63 percent of people in Malaita Province have not taken any vaccination.