It’s time for traffic lights

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DEAR EDITOR, much may have been written already about road safety, particularly in Honiara, where until very recently road users experienced traffic gridlock on a daily basis. I wish to thank Japan for funding the improvement on the section of our main road (Fishing Village in the City’s east to the main market on the west) which has somewhat eased the once snarling traffic flow.

It is encouraging to see that in spite of lack of adequate resources, traffic police are doing their utmost in terms of traffic control. Given the harsh economic reality that the nation is faced with, there is no guarantee adequate traffic police would be recruited anytime soon to ensure safety for all on our roads.

To address this problem, I believe that traffic lights are the answer. Officials in key government departments should begin considering installation of traffic lights in targeted junctions such the Mbokonavera/Honiara City Council Roundabout, the Kolaa Ridge/Main Road Junction, the Vura/Hot Bread Kitchen junction and so on.

It is my firm believe that traffic lights would help police enormously in terms of control of traffic flow and with safety on our roads as a benefit. Sure it would take time for drivers and pedestrians to get to but the benefits in the long term cannot be discounted.

It is must if we want safety on our road. Safety on our roads? Think traffic lights.

Yours Sincerely,

Flory Andrew

USP, SI Campus