Tikopian delegation off to France

Chief Gifty Tinamo in the center with delegation before departed to France on Thursday.
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Chief Gifty Tinamo in the center with delegation before departed to France on Thursday.

THE small island of Tikopia and its way of life will be viewed in one of Paris’s famous cinemas, God Planet Foundation. This documentary will be viewed by an audience in Europe together with the chiefs from Tikopia.

For the first time, 39-year-old Chief Gifty Tinamo from Tikopia and five other chiefs representing each tribe in Tikopia will travel to Europe to be a part of the viewers when the documentary airs.

The film itself was documented about the way of life of the Tikopian people, their connection to the environment and culture.

In Paris, the chief and his delegation will also have the opportunity to meet with individual journalists and the media.

The documentary was created in 2015 as follow-up from the book written by Firth, Raymond William— We, the Tikopia: a sociological study of kinship in primitive Polynesia.

Mr Daniel Fenua who is behind the arrangement said in the documentary film chief Tinamo has played the main character and the organisers requested his attendance.

He said an important aspect of the documentary is the challenges that the people face.

“It is not only about the culture and people from Tikopia,” he said.

For example, environment, particularly impact of climate change has affected the people’s livelihood.

This was also covered in the film, he adds.

In seeing the importance of the Tikopian’s way of life through the storyboard, the film director requested the chief and his delegation for the premier screening. This is for viewers to see the characters while at the same time, meet the people as well.

With such trip, Fenua said it is the first time for a Tikopian chief to travel abroad. “This will go down in the history for the Tikopian community in Solomon Islands,” Fenua said.

As a person who strongly supports the trip, Ms Freda Tuki said she is excited their arrangement has been successful.

She said the documentary will portray Tikopia’s culture and history where Tokopians can also learn from.

The trip is self-funded and initiated by the people themselves.

The screening is on October 27 at God Planet Foundation in Paris.

November 5, there will be a big premiere in Paris cinema and another screening on Nov 6 in Strasbourg.

The chiefs left Honiara on Thursday for France.