Tight police presence at political camps


POLICE Commissioner Matthew Varley says they are providing very close police presence at the two political camps.

Varley said tight security by police around Honiara Hotel and Heritage Park hotel is to prevent disturbances or provocation to the already sensitive political and social situation.

“Each location has patrolling officers and standing guards supplementing private security that are in place in the hotels. But on top of that we have some officers that are in a proximity to response.

“And they are there for anyone who may come to interfere with the peace and security of the hotel. Obviously at the hotels there’s a number of a senior politicians at both sides staying in the locations.

“Obviously we don’t want to be locking down hotels in terms of burdening guests staying there, but we have a strong police presence on the ground and police to response.”

Varley said this is a normal security precaution, adding it is important for people to know that police has not suggested risk to public safety.

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